State Unemployment Claims Services

Managing state unemployment claims is a painstaking task. With G&A Partners, the job is done, pain-free.

Letting employees go is never easy. It’s difficult for the employees of course, but at G&A Partners, we understand that it can be painful for you as an employer too. Sometimes you can’t help but feel disappointment, guilt or stress. And then there’s the tedious paperwork and painstaking processes associated with state unemployment claims.

While G&A Partners can’t help you avoid the emotions that accompany a layoff, we can help you avoid the painful process and potential risks associated with unemployment claims. G&A Partners’ knowledgeable HR professionals have extensive experience managing and administering State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) claims, as well as COBRA insurance, and more. G&A Partners can reconcile unemployment payroll taxes and process claims to ensure your company doesn't incur any unnecessary charges. With continuous oversight and rigorous attention to detail, our experts ensure the job is done so you can focus on more productive and less painful endeavors.

Please call at 800-253-8562 or fill out our contact form to discuss how G&A Partners can help you process state unemployment claims.