Health Insurance Administration

Providing health care coverage for your employees shouldn’t leave you feeling ill.

You try hard to deliver a good medical insurance plan to your employees so they can care for and manage their health, but the expense of providing a group health insurance plan is enough to make anyone sick. And if you’re lucky enough to find a group health care insurance plan you can afford, the lack of coverage options and your employees’ out-of-pocket costs are still likely to leave you feeling queasy.

Fortunately, G&A Partners can remedy your health care insurance ailments. We’re able to procure health insurance and other employee benefits at discounted rates, and we’re eager to pass those savings onto you. G&A Partners can also offer you access to better employee benefit options -- options that fit your employees’ lifestyle needs and make you a more attractive employer to both current and prospective employees.

Once you have a health care insurance plan you can feel good about, G&A Partners can oversee it too. Go to Benefits Administration to learn more.

G&A Partners can cater to your business health care insurance needs:

  • Remit premiums to avoid suspended policies
  • Monitor employee terminations to prevent undue costs
  • Administer compliance with HIPAA
  • Communicate with employees regarding benefit enrollment and policy changes

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