Employee Benefits Administration

High caliber employees demand high caliber benefits. If your company’s benefits aren’t up to snuff, we’ve got you covered.

Smart business owners understand that today’s top talent looks for more from companies than a mere job and paycheck. Health plans offer peace of mind for employees and their families, and savings plans can help provide a level of financial security now and in the future. But selecting the right combination and level of benefits for your employees can be overwhelming, not to mention that most "do-it-yourself" plans become extremely expensive and difficult to administer. We can help.

At G&A Partners, we think that when it comes to employee benefits the advice "don't try this at home" aptly applies.

We can tailor an employee benefits package to meet your employees' needs and your company’s budget. With employee benefits administration, G&A Partners builds a customized plan for your business and you will have a wide variety of top-tier insurance carriers as well as insurance plan options to choose from – indemnity, PPO, HMO, POS or consumer driven plans.

So now, no matter the size of your business, you can access better quality employee benefits options and more affordable healthcare insurance plans than you ever could before.

Better still, we will deploy our experienced team of highly-qualified employee benefits specialists for your employee benefits administration, conducting open enrolment, reconciling invoices and remittance to carriers, and serving as fiduciary for your savings plan. Our team can also oversee all COBRA and HIPAA administration. And what's more, even if you already have an employee benefits package that meets your needs, G&A Partners can still administer the program for you and simply fill in any gaps in coverage if necessary.

Regardless of your employee benefits needs, G&A Partners has got you covered, because we want you to be able to deliver a benefits plan that works for your employees, so your high caliber employees continue to want to work for you. When you work with G&A Partners to provide, manage, and administer employee benefits for your company, you will still be an employer of choice, just with far fewer headaches.

Employee benefits we manage include:

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