Human Resources Expertise

If you think you have a handle on HR management, you may need to think again.

We don’t want to scare you, but chances are pretty good that your company doesn’t have as firm a grasp on human resources as you might think. Managing human resources in-house is a difficult task for any business, whether you have an internal team of 19 or a team of none. That’s because, while internal HR professionals or business owners are attempting to keep up with their employees’ daily needs, it becomes nearly impossible for them to stay current on HR compliance issues, monitor legislative changes, or track relevant employment trends.

If you think that doesn’t matter, consider these HR compliance and legal issues:

  • More than 450 companies are hit with employment lawsuits every day, and those companies spend tens of thousands of dollars to defend themselves. Such lawsuits often stem from failed compliance programs. When done properly, employee compliance is a grueling, time-consuming process for HR professionals, but non-compliance and errors can be especially costly.
  • The new President is making good on his promise for change. The administration is proposing more than a dozen new or changed labor laws and employment regulations. Without being well-versed in labor legislation, the minutia of such rule changes can be difficult to wade through, and even more difficult to adhere to, for any HR professional.
  • Given the state of our economy, some businesses are taking drastic cost-saving measures, including deep staffing cuts, reduced schedules and scaled-back benefits. The long-term repercussions of such measures, however, are yet to be seen. Which trends will cut too deep and which ones will contribute to stronger, more productive organizations in the long run?

Human Resources Consulting

At G&A Partners, human resources management is what we do and it is all we do, so our team of highly-skilled HR service experts can focus on managing tedious compliance issues, follow rapid-fire changes in employment law, and stay current on the most effective cost-saving and performance-building trends. And our human resource service professionals are some of the best in the business, with advanced degrees and esteemed HR industry certifications, including PHR, SPHR, and GPHR.

G&A Partners will customize an HR service offering to best fit you and your business. Our experienced HR experts can provide a turnkey service, effectively operating as your company’s HR department, or they can work in tandem with your existing staff to supplement your team and its needs. Either way, you’ll know that you’ve got a team in place that has a firm handle on your company’s HR policies, so you can get your hands back into your business.

Learn how we can help you grow by giving you time to focus on business. Contact us by phone at 800-253-8562 or fill out our contact form.