Human Resources Outsourcing

If you have seen the moon out of your office window, you may need our outsourced hr services. We’ve got your back!

Outsourced HR Services are the key to growth

Very strong companies can have weak HR organizations. That's because while those business owners have been taking care of business, human resources has had to take a back seat. At G&A Partners, we don’t think that’s wrong, we think it’s inevitable. Over time, however, a fragile HR infrastructure can threaten a company’s strength if employees are neglected. Don’t worry – we’ve got your back!

Human Resources management no longer has to take a back seat to your core business, because G&A Partners can provide the human resources and administrative support your company and its employees need. While HR may not be core to your business, it is uniquely core to ours. As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO), G&A Partners delivers a turnkey service that includes both strategic as well as tactical HR and administrative support. Our team of experienced HR professionals can establish customized processes and perform critical talent management services, such as recruiting, HR performance management and employee development. At the same time, we can also expertly perform procedural tasks surrounding employee HR policies, tax or government compliance.

hr outsourcing

outsourced hr

Under a PEO partnership, G&A Partners becomes the administrative employer or co-employer for your employees and thus may assume many of the administrative responsibilities and share some of the liabilities associated with carrying employees. But as the worksite employer, you maintain control, supervising your employees’ daily activities and directing their work. Alternatively, under a Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) arrangement, G&A Partners can provide a la carte HR benefits and services to support your in-house human resource staff and supplement your internal processes or systems.

Whether you need turnkey HR operations or merely supplemental support, G&A Partners can help your company strategically administer to your employees’ needs, from the time they’re hired to the time they retire, so you have the time and peace of mind to focus on your business and ensure that it remains healthy and strong.

Human Resources Management Services include:

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