HR Self-Service Portal Solutions

Looking to empower your employees? G&A Partners is offering self-service capabilities.

Advanced HR software now allows employees to manage for themselves functions that once only a manager or HR professional could perform on their behalf – things like setting their payroll tax withholdings or adjusting their 401k contributions. But unless your company has access to that advanced technology, your employees have to continue to rely on others rather than be empowered to serve themselves.

Fortunately,G&A Partners is at your service, providing you access to the technology necessary to deliver a full menu of self-service tools to your employees and managers. Our intuitive and sophisticated portal offers superior self-service capabilities that until now many companies have been unable to access or afford on their own.

With G&A Partners' employee-manager self-service technology, your employees are empowered to manage their own personal data, so your HR professionals have time to focus on more strategic issues, your internal processes can move more quickly and smoothly, and the risk of mistakes is minimized. What’s more, our HR self-service portal eliminates time staking manual processes for managers whose plates are already full by allowing them to create and post schedules online or conduct a performance evaluation process electronically.

When considering the latest human resources technology, G&A Partners is eager to serve you, so don’t neglect to feed your company’s need for employee and manager self-service tools and capabilities.

G&A Partners' self-service HR Portal technology allows you to:

  • View Pay Stubs
  • Monitor and Adjust Payroll Tax Withholding
  • Make or Change 401k Contributions
  • Amend Benefit Status or Option Selection
  • Track Vacation or Paid-Time Off
  • Manage Scheduling
  • Conduct Performance Evaluations

Find out how our HR self-service portal software can help your business by calling us at 800-253-8562 or fill out our contact form.