Online Benefits Enrollment

If you haven’t taken your benefits enrollment online yet, it’s time to take it up with G&A Partners.

Conducting employee benefit enrollment is quite possibly the most time intensive function an HR or Human Resources benefits specialist performs. Think about it: setting aside days for open benefits enrollment; conducting face-to-face meetings; inputting each and every employee’s benefit elections. That can’t be easy! But employee benefit enrollment can be made easier.

Online benefits enrollment allows employees to electronically input their own elections at a time most convenient for them, rather than a time that disrupts their work day. Employees have ample opportunity to review their benefit choices, check over their elections, and even make revisions if necessary, so mistakes are minimal. Then, once employees have entered their elections, the information can be automatically fed to the benefit vendor for processing. To further simplify the benefits administrator’s role, customizable electronic reports allow benefits administrators to follow their employees’ benefit status and track their elections. New employee benefits enrollment and life event changes are simpler too when managed online. Just imagine the time saved and the potential mistakes averted!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you think it’s time you took your company’s benefits enrollment process online? We suggest you take it up with G&A Partners.

G&A Partners’ fully-automated online benefits enrollment system offers a wide range of options that can be tailored to fit all of your needs for open, new hire, life event and special (individual) enrollments. Our benefits enrollment system is intelligent and enforces all applicable rules, so your benefits administrators and employees cannot make mistakes. That means that your eligibility effective dates and premium bills are accurate.

Of course, if you or your employees aren’t ready for a fully-automated enrollment process, perhaps because of limited computer access or skills, that’s okay too. In addition to employee self-service, G&A Partners provides a standard pre-populated printable enrollment paper form customized to the individual employee, including currently elected and available benefits, with individual-specific costs. Benefits administrators can easily input employees’ elections from the paper form into an employee profile and still take advantage of the electronic vendor feeds and powerful reporting tools.

Benefit Enrollment services include:

  • Administrator-only or employee self-service enrollments.
  • Passive, semi-passive and active enrollments.
  • Enrollment for only one benefit plan or for each benefit plan offered to an employee.
  • Over 140 benefit plan types.
  • One-page or expanded content benefits information available to the employee during enrollment, i.e. at the "point of purchase".
  • Side-by-side plan comparisons that include “drill down” information.
  • Overage dependent notifications, status change alerts, emails to employees who have not completed enrollment.
  • Employee communication tools such as web links, FAQ’s, documents, glossary, online question submissions.

Find out how our online benefits enrollment system is right for your business by calling us at 800-253-8562 or fill out our contact form.