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For most who work in a professional workplace environment, ‘human resources’ means the department upstairs that handles hiring, firing, benefits and 401(k)s. But the broader definition of human resources, much closer to the true meaning of the two words, is simple: human resources are the people who comprise the workforce in an organization. The common idea of HR restricts the role to the purely administrative tasks of personnel management, whereas this blog – and of our company – understands that HR plays a much broader role in most organizations.

In our eyes, HR plays a personal developmental role, handling the training and education of the workforce. It plays a role in structuring an organization, defining roles and relations and managing large scale personnel shifts for broader business goals. It is relational, serving as a connection point between employees and their industry, their organization, and their coworkers. HR concerns everyone from the individual contributor on the front line to upper management.

Our HR Blog will reflect this belief with topics of discussion ranging from general business advice to information about healthcare reform. As a professional employer organization, we’re tied into anything that affects your workforce and we’re dedicated to perfecting human resources. We plan to provide fresh, informative, useful information for any manager, small business owner, entrepreneur, executive, or HR professional that wants to improve human relations.

Moreover, the G&A Partners blog will provide our whitepapers for easy access. We will announce webinars and post videos of previous webinars. We’ll let you know when we’ll be in town for a conference. Maybe most importantly, we will announce special promotions on the blog – look out for offers, discounts, giveaways and contests.

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