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10 Questions to Answer for a Better HR Assessment

Below is a synopsis of a recent article from the Houston Business Journal, written by G&A Partners President and COO John W. Allen:


HR assessments can identify potential human resources violations before they occur and prevent them from causing costly setbacks. A comprehensive HR assessment provides an objective review of a business’ policies, procedures and practices to ensure they are compliant with federal and state laws as well as certain industry-specific regulations. As a result, assessments can identify areas of concern and pinpoint issues that need immediate attention.

Below are 10 questions to consider during an HR assessment:

  • How up to date are your employment forms, documentation and policies?
  • Does your company maintain current and complete employee records?
  • Do you have current I-9 documents on file?
  • Do organizational charts accurately reflect your company today?
  • Do you regularly review and update job descriptions?
  • Is your company’s employee handbook still relevant or was it written before email or social media existed?
  • Do you collect and retain signatures to acknowledge that your employees have received the handbook and understand they are to abide by its code of conduct?
  • Are your company’s recruiting, hiring and termination practices fair?
  • Do your company’s safety protocols meet current industry standards?
  • Do you maintain a positive work environment where all employees feel valued and treated fairly?

A thorough assessment looks at HR’s strategic and everyday elements to help prevent your company from suffering costly fines due to HR violations.


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