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9 Helpful Online Time Management Tools

harvest online time management tool

Making the best use of time and working efficiently are a must business.  Poor time management can result in lost profits, wasted overhead and a stressful work environment.   And, although there are seminars, books and time management training tools available, every employee could benefit from an online time management tool specific to a specific duty or position.  Many online time management tools are free to use or come at an extremely low cost.

10 Helpful Online Time Management Tools

1. Jing by Techsmith: Free and upgrade Options at $14.95 per year

Jing is an amazing little application that can be used for anything visual.  Not only can Jing save or create a URL (for online chat) for screen shots, but it can be used to make short, narrated “how-to” videos.  Basically, this online time management tool lets you share instantly on the web via blogs, email, IM or social media.  EX:  Instant message coworkers short how to videos simultaneously or grab screen shots of ongoing projects for approval in seconds.

2.        Catch The Best:   Free to $99 per month

Catch the best allows an employer to quickly create Search Engine Optimized (SEO) positions that track which job boards are sending you the best candidates.  It also allows management of candidates and positions via a consolidated dashboard, views of candidate’s detail with access to the candidate’s cover letter, resume, and contact information.  Catch the Best is a great online time management tool that can help save money by efficiently bringing in the right candidates.

catch the best online time management tool

3.       Instapaper: Free

Instapaper is a “read later” bookmarking tool.  It is easy as clicking an icon when you run across an article or webpage that you want to view later or could come in handy for another project you have going on later in the day.  Instapaper stores the links, text and images from articles in an easy to read, mark and organize list that only you have access to. With options to print or download to Kindle or ePub, you can access the articles at the office or on the go for a great online time management tool.

4.        Highrise:  $24 to $99 per year

Highrise is web-based CRM software tracks and stores calls, meetings, pitches, follow-ups, and sales; a huge time saver in the world of contact management.   Already, this online time management tool boasts over 100,000 businesses and 20 million contacts & customer relationships on its Site.

highrise online time management tool

5.       Google Docs:  Free with Gmail account

Google docs is widely known as a program that adds convenience and options to a Gmail account, but it can also be effectively used as a great online time management tool.   With Google docs, you can see, save, share and even collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, emails, images, videos and presentations.  Collaboration or document sharing can happen instantly from anywhere in the world saving time and improving efficiency.

6.       Xmarks:  Free to $12 per year for premium service

Xmarks is a different kind of bookmarking program.  Many employees often rely on bookmarks or bookmark toolbars to access programs quickly and often forget the actual URL or Website location.  Xmarks backs up syncs bookmarks and allows users to search others as well.  As an online time management tool it provides quick and easy transition to other computer systems, saves important information that would take gobbles of time to replace if lost and allows easy install of one person’s useful bookmarks on other machines if logged in.xmarks online time management tool

7.       Microsoft Office 365:  $6 to $10 per user per month

Office 365 is a new online time management tool that has an easy-to-use set of web-enabled tools for small businesses, independent consultants and professionals looking for business-class productivity services.  Office 365 provides anywhere access to email, important documents, contacts, and calendars on nearly any device on nearly any device including PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

8.       Harvest:  $12 to $90 per month

Harvest tends to lower your payroll costs and improve your business efficiency.  This online time management tool lets you and your staff track time and send invoices from one integrated application. Harvest can provide visual reports of company’s resources at a glance, create online invoices and collect online payments securely via the web.

9.  HourDoc:  Give us a call at (877) 287.3846!

Our Web-based time tracking software makes your life easier by allowing your employees to update clock in times, shift schedules, request days off and more.  HourDoc makes payroll time a snap giving you a one stop spot to review employee sick time, PTO and overtime – with beautiful visuals to help chart your employee performance and job costs.  Want to spend less time tracking your employee’s time and more time growing your business? Give HourDoc a call at (877) 287.3846!

What do you use?

We’re looking for your favorite time management tool – give us our #10, so we can make David Letterman!!  Each of the Sites listed is a great and affordable online time management tool.  What other online systems, programs or tools are we missing?  Which one helps you manage your time or work  more efficiently?

Photo thanks to Flickr user Darrren Hester

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