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Dear Santa, Please Fire My Boss

The end of the year is a time spent in reflection, making New Year’s Resolutions, and setting new goals. For some employees, their number one goal is to get rid of their boss.


A new survey from Glassdoor of 2000 workers reveals that 2% of employees admit that their New Year’s Resolution for 2013 is to help get their boss fired.

An additional 23% of workers claimed that their main goal for next year is to find a new job.

But not all workers were on the naughty list this year- 33% stated that their top priority was to work hard and get a salary raise in 2013.

Employees may be feeling more secure in 2013, with the election settled and signs that both the job and housing markets may be improving. Glassdoor’s survey showed signs of optimism about the future from employees who are covincced that they will receive more money from employers next year.

76% of workers said that they are eligible for a bonus this year, up from 73% last year and 63% in 2008.


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