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Do’s and Don’t’s of Office Holiday Etiquette

Ahhh, office holiday etiquette. HR-friendly employee behavior is more than just remembering to bring your potluck dish to the holiday party. While every company has its own culture, the G&A Partners team has some tips that can help anyone walk the line between business and social this holiday season.

DO’S of Office Holiday Etiquette

1. Show up to the party. It may seem like a drag, but don’t skip the holiday party. It’s a chance for you to mingle with co-workers and their families, and some of those people you work with might be pretty fun when they’re not just talking shop.

2. Find out what the gift-giving culture is. If this is your first holiday season at the company, ask whether or not employees typically exchange gifts. A secret Santa or white elephant exchange is easy and fun, but if there’s no organized exchange, you’re probably left guessing. Remember, baked goods for everyone is safe every time.

3. Be polite and discreet about your holiday bonus. It should go without saying, but your money is your business. We’re all dying to know how holiday bonuses were distributed, but be glad with what you have and keep it to yourself.

4. Be thankful. Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, and it’s important to maintain that spirit throughout December (and all year!). Thank your boss for your holiday bonus, thank your co-workers for the gifts they give, and especially thank your clients for their business!

DONT’S of Office Holiday Etiquette

1. Don’t overindulge. Everyone knows not to drink too much at the office party, but don’t be the guy eating all the appetizers either. If you’re starving, eat before you go.

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2. Don’t spend too much. Your co-workers don’t expect huge gifts, and an expensive bottle of wine isn’t going to make your boss forget that you came in late three times last week. Depending on the size of your office, spending a few dollars or giving a thoughtful homemade or home-baked gift is completely acceptable.

3. Don’t get too into the Christmas spirit. Many people celebrate other holidays or don’t celebrate anything at all. Don’t be upset if your co-workers are more Scrooge than Tiny Tim. If you have “Angels We Have Heard on High” on repeat for all of December, you may need to tone it down a little bit.

4. Don’t stress. The holidays should be a time for you and your co-workers to bond and get to know each other a little better. The holidays can be stressful, but this should be fun! If anything about the season has you running around in circles, take a step back and remember to breathe.

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