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Engagement and High Performance: The Link Could Not Be Any Clearer

The correlation between higher revenue, lower costs and greater customer satisfaction with employee engagement is rock solid. No matter where the data came from, we can cite legitimate sources to underpin our ROI calculations.


“Here’s what you need to know: Gallup research has found that the top 25 percent of teams – the best managed – versus the bottom 25 percent in any workplace – the worst managed – have nearly 50 percent fewer accidents and have 41 percent fewer quality defects. What’s more, teams in the top 25 percent versus the bottom 25 percent incur far less in health care costs. So having too few engaged employees means our workplaces are less safe, employees have more quality defects, and disengagement – which results from terrible managers – is driving up the country’s health care costs.”



The longitudinal nature and the periodical meta-analysis reveal that these findings are significant enough to invest more time into the well being of our employees. Specific tools to fuel engagement are vague, but perhaps positive feedback can be an effective motivator.


Click here to view the original article about the link between performance and engagement.

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