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HR Hiring Horror Stories (Chapter 3)

G&A HR Hiring Horror Stories

The full moon rises and you look across the disturbingly serene cornfield watching the spooky figure stride towards you for their highly dreaded employee review.

Welcome back to the final installment of… HR Hiring Horror Stories… Not all scary things go bump in the night, they stick around from 9-5 too.

Read on for G&A Partners’ HR hiring horror stories with tips / potions to help you climb out of your hiring nightmare!  Just joining us around this HR campfire?  Catch up with our Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 terrifying HR tales.  Don’t forget to let us know some of your own hiring nightmares!

THE GHOST (a.k.a. the Disappearing Employee)

While your newest employee is a positive spirit much of the time, too often he is invisible – taking time off, calling in sick, or leaving early. Now, this ghost’s disappearing act has you spooked.

The Potion – The next time this new hire tries to disappear, refer him to your company’s leave policies. If sick leave or vacation policies are being abused, you may be justified in taking disciplinary action.

THE WARLOCK OF “WOE IS ME” (a.k.a. “It’s Not My Fault”)

The new guy worked magic during his interview, but since being hired, it is apparent he is no wiz. Mistakes and mishaps are to be expected, but instead of taking responsibility, this warlock always seems to find something or someone else to blame.

The Potion – Next time something goes wrong, thoroughly investigate the error. If it turns out that your new guy is responsible, hold him accountable.

What are YOUR HR Hiring Horror stories? Leave us a comment or use the #hrhorror tag on Twitter and let us know!

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