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What Does HR Do?

Although “human resources” is by no means a new profession or business function, many businesses are still unclear about the role of human resources within their organization.

In the past, HR was mainly seen as an administrative function of the business, and its sole purpose was to ensure employees got hired and paid. Now, however, as business owners have realized the value of HR services, they’ve come to expect more out of their HR departments and professionals. And if they can’t find a cost-efficient way to manage those functions internally, they’re more willing than ever to look outside their organization for additional HR support and expertise.

There are a variety of things that fall under the umbrella of “human resources services”:

Understandably, many HR departments are overwhelmed by all these demands on their time. This is especially true for HR professionals working in small businesses, where the “HR department” may only consist of just one or two people.

That’s why many businesses choose to partner with an outside company to manage some (or all) of their HR services. By outsourcing HR to another company that specializes in human resources, employers are able to get access to a team of professionals that can provide expert HR support and services.

HR solutions for growing business

With a large team of certified HR specialists on staff, G&A Partners has a wealth of knowledge and experience that we can draw on to create custom solutions for your business. That expertise, combined with our many available tools and resources, allows us to deliver proven HR solutions designed to not only help your business become more efficient, but more profitable as well.

Learn more about G&A’s expert, cost efficient human resources services >>

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