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G&A Partners Case Study

At G&A Partners, helping our clients grow their business is our top priority. We pride ourselves on having the flexibility to create custom solutions that streamline and improve HR processes to address each client’s unique needs.


When a large, Texas-based fine-dining establishment began to grow and expand their business into new markets, they realized they had outgrown the capabilities of their current human resources provider. They needed an HR provider that could handle the specific needs of their business; a provider that could meet the unique requirements and demands experienced by businesses in the restaurant and food & beverage industries.


Custom Programming & Technology
As an organization with multiple locations across various states, one of the client’s biggest challenges was finding an HR partner who could help them take the many disparate tracking methods each individual location was using and instead provide one company-wide system that streamlined and automated the company’s processes.
G&A Partners was able to: 

  • Build a custom application that automatically incorporated tips and commissions data into payroll calculations and accurately track time and overtime for employees shared between multiple locations or entities. 
  • Create highly specialized reporting capabilities that allowed the client to drill down payroll reports based on multiple fields (entity, location, GM) as well as document and track the status of industry-required professional certifications (food handlers, alcohol beverage licenses, etc.).

Human Resources Expertise & Support
As a multi-state company looking to expand, one of the client’s main concerns was finding an HR provider that could offer full-service HR consulting, including compliance and recruitment services, at both the corporate and individual location levels.
G&A Partners was able to:

  • Provide the client with several regional HR representatives available to location managers, as well as an HR Advisor to provide consulting services on a corporate level to ensure the company stays abreast of and compliant with any and all applicable labor and employment laws.
  • Offer a customized recruiting solution that complemented and supplemented the client’s current processes with incorporating applicant tracking and pre-employment screenings.

Employee Benefits Administration
As a growing national restaurant company, the client was understandably concerned about complying with the Affordable Care Act. They wanted to partner with an HR provider that could not only help them design plans that could meet ACA requirements, but also ensure long-term compliance with health care reform regulations.
G&A Partners was able to:

  • Design a minimum essential coverage (MEC) plan that was ACA-compliant prior to the Act taking effect, saving the client more than $350,000 in potential penalties.
  • Provide ongoing ACA monitoring of employees’ benefit eligibility status and alert the client to any changes in status to ensure the client remains in compliance with health care reform regulations.


With G&A as their strategic HR partner, this client is now positioned to confidently direct and expand their business into new markets without worrying about the risks of HR noncompliance. By developing custom technology that automated and streamlined several of the client’s internal processes, G&A removed the burden of day-to-day administrative HR functions from managers, giving them more time to focus on growing their business.

One of the nation’s leading professional employer organizations (PEO) and HR outsourcing services provider, G&A Partners has been helping business owners grow their companies, take better care of their employees and enjoy a higher quality of life for more than 20 years. By combining HR expertise and innovative technology with outstanding service, G&A delivers proven solutions and processes that allow our clients to minimize costs, reduce risk and increase productivity. 

To learn more about how G&A Partners can help you grow your business, call 866-634-6713 to speak with an expert or visit to schedule your free business consultation.

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