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Happy National Boss’ Day!

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Thursday, October 16 is National Boss’ Day – a day to show appreciation for the hard-working supervisors and managers in our lives. But finding just the right gift to give your boss can be tricky. The gift should be nice, but not too nice; personal, but not too personal; professional, but not generic. Below are some guidelines to help you give the perfect gift this Boss’ Day:

1.    To give or not to give?

First things first: Employees should never feel obligated to buy their boss a gift. If you don’t feel comfortable giving your boss a gift, don’t. Depending on your relationship with your boss, it may not be appropriate to buy he or she a gift. Sincere appreciation and thanks can mean just as much as gift.

2.    If you can’t give anything nice…

Don’t give anything at all. Deciding how much to spend on a gift for your boss can be difficult. Don’t spend a lot of money – you’ll run the risk of overshadowing any gifts your coworkers give, and your boss may feel uncomfortable accepting anything too extravagant. But don’t spend too little, either – you’ll just end up looking cheap and insincere. A good range to stay within is $20 to $50, but this largely depends on your salary.

3.    Keep it professional

While many bosses strive to create a more casual work environment, you should avoid giving a gift that’s too personal or informal. The last thing you want is for the gift to raise eyebrows among coworkers. CNBC outlines a good rule of thumb: Avoid anything that touches the skin. Avoid jewelry, perfume and clothing.

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4.    “Crowdfund” one office-wide or department-wide gift

Instead of each member of the staff giving an individual gift, go in on a gift together. If everyone pitches in, you’ll probably be able to buy a better gift without spending a lot of money. And your boss will feel more comfortable accepting a gift that comes from the entire staff.

5.    Give the gift of food

In most offices, food is the most popular gift. You can bake your boss’ favorite dessert, or treat them to lunch. If you want to go a step further, consider giving your boss a box of imported chocolates, or a gift basket filled gourmet cookies. A consumable gift also has the benefit of being shared, either with your boss’ family, or, if you’re lucky, with you.

Still not sure what to get your boss for National Boss’ Day? G&A Partners has you covered. Tell us what makes your boss the best for a chance to win lunch from your favorite restaurant for not only your boss, but the whole team too! Enter G&A’s National Boss’ Day Contest on our Facebook page:

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