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Put together a team that’s more accepting of mistakes

Service measurement tends to identify the mistakes made in an organization, “and if you want your organization to lead in customer service, you need to make it safe for employees to risk making a mistake,” says Mindshare Technologies’ president Richard D. Hanks. Following are some of Hanks’ ideas on how to make your organization more accepting of mistakes, and therefore, more risk-tolerant:
  • Create an award for best mistake of the  quarter.
  • Managers and senior executives should be willing to admit their own mistakes.
  • Don’t dwell on mistakes and who made them. Talk about what was learned and focus on the future.
  • Make sure your public and private methods for dealing with mistakes are the same.
  • Teach employees about great leaders whose eventual success followed multiple previous failures.
  • Base bonuses on learning from mistakes (the improvement made), rather than just absolute scores.
This article was reproduced with permission from the July issue of Customer
Service Newsletter,

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