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Unusual Ways to Spot Exceptional Talent

A pristine resume doesn’t always translate into amazing performance on the job. Author George Anders has developed some unusual strategies for spotting your next top performer.

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Do They Bounce Back Quickly?

In our results and reputation-driven culture, there is often the impulse to appear invincible. But people who have overcome obstacles and recognize their own weaknesses often perform the strongest. Companies need people who will not get flustered when things don’t go as planned- an important question to ask is, “What did you do when times were tough?”

How Do They Treat Others?

It’s easy to be nice to the boss. But what really matters is how a potential new hire will treat those working for him or her. A key test is to pay attention to how the candidate treats the receptionist. Manners and thoughtfulness for others goes a long way.

Start at the Bottom of Their Resume

To gain real insight about someone, find out what they’ve accomplished beyond the workplace. See if there is an “other interests” section and read it thoroughly. Someone who backpacked across Europe for a year or hiked the Appalachian Trail has got personality.

Learn from Your Own Career Decisions

If you were a art major who later decided to go to law school, you may have the ability to spot other people who prefer a non-traditional career path. These people have the ability to think outside the box and not follow a crowd. They can often become a company’s most valuable assets.

Look for Character, Not Years of Experience

Forward-thinking managers take chances on people new to a certain field. These candidtates are more likely to be excited, motivated, creative, and have the commitment you are looking for. You can teach skills, but you cannot create character.



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