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Wednesday HR Fun Links

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On this wonderful Wednesday, we offer you links from around the internet. We’ve searched far and wide for these links. Read and discuss them with your peers, coworkers, pets or loved ones. If you would like to comment or post your own links, feel free!

  • Dating in the workplace can cause tension and may contribute to an unprofessional office environment. What this blog discusses is the other types of relationships that can affect the yin and yang of the office, relationships between supervisors and employees or friendships. Check it out here.
  • When you are a leader, you should always ask for “get honest, unfiltered feedback about how you are doing from the people you lead,” says Ken Blanchard, best-selling author of The Leader Within.
  • Google  increased employee salaries by 10% after the ‘Googlers’ responded to a survey regarding benefits and compensation, find out what they said on their survey.
  • Oh, Ben Franklin and his insatiable curiosity with electricity and kites. He believed in the concept of ‘self improvement,’ which is always a good thing to focus on regardless if you are at home or at work.
  • New Jersey Net’s NBA Coach, Avery Johnson, shares his 7 thoughts and wisdom in regards to leadership, useful for anyone in any industry.

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