Employer Advantage + G&A Partners

Spending the last few months as your HR partner has been thrilling for us at G&A. We’ve loved having this opportunity to get to know you as well as our new Employer Advantage team members. We look forward to continuing to help your business grow and take care of your employees with world-class responsiveness and service.

Below, you will find some Frequently Asked Questions we often receive related to benefits. In addition, you will see benefits-related notices and acknowledgments that we are required to send to you as a result of the G&A/Employer Advantage acquisition. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions.

Benefits Frequently Asked Questions

Are my benefits changing?

Your current benefit package will remain the same at this time, with no changes in the rates or the plans.

When will my benefits renew?

The renewal dates will remain the same.

Do I have access to additional benefits now?

During the renewal process, we will discuss any additional offerings that are available to you through this new partnership.

If I sponsor my own benefits, may I continue to do that?

Absolutely--one of the best things about G&A is that we allow you to customize the plan offerings that make sense to you.

If I work with a broker, will that change?

If you are happy with your current insurance broker, you may continue to partner with them. G&A also has its own brokerage house that can provide competitive rates and offerings. Please contact us if you would like more information on the benefits of using G&A as your brokerage.

Will my service team change?

You will be able to keep your current service team.

I don't currently offer benefits, but would love to find out more about how I could

If you are interested in learning more about what benefit offerings may be available to you, please contact a member of your service team to discuss next steps. G&A offers master plans nationwide and can also provide open market quotes through our internal brokerage.

Where can I view details about my plans?

You may view plan documents to see all benefits, exclusions, limitations, and coverages. These documents explain each benefit plan that is offered in detail. These documents can also be found online on the G&A Partners website: (https://www.gnapartners.com/sbc/).

Acknowledgment Related to EA Benefits Plans

As an Employer Advantage client, you may have been participating in one or more of the following Employer Advantage benefits plans: Employer Advantage Welfare Benefit Plan (the “Plans”). Under the new relationship with G&A, you will continue to have access to the Plans. Down the road, you may gain access to additional benefits plans sponsored by G&A. The commission schedules for the Plans are listed below:

Dental Insurance: up to 2%

Life Insurance: up to 10%

Disability Insurance: up to 20%

Vision Insurance: up to 10%

Voluntary Life Insurance: up to 20%

If you would like to opt out of participation in the Plans, please let G&A know by June 30, 2022. If you would like your employees to continue participating in the Plans, no action is required on your part. If you continue to use EA/G&A’s services and EA/G&A does not hear from you by the date specified, it will be understood that you have decided to participate in the Plans and approved the benefit options made available to your employees under the Plans, as well as any associated premiums and contribution rates.

By accepting participation in the Plans, you understand that G&A Beneficial LLC (“G&A Beneficial”) is providing valuable services to the Plans and you approve G&A Beneficial’s receipt of certain commission revenue from the related insurance carrier(s) in exchange for providing these valuable services to the Plans (“Plan-Related Commissions”). The valuable services that G&A Beneficial provides include soliciting quotes, explaining various insurance products, conducting market analyses, interacting with insurance carriers regarding Plan design and cost, and other services as agreed to from time to time by you.

In addition, G&A Beneficial may become eligible for additional compensation from carriers, including overrides and bonuses, expense reimbursement, and other allowances. Each arrangement depends on a number of factors unique to each carrier, such as insured lives, technology and systems used to service clients, and programs and services provided by third parties and offered to clients. Any such arrangement is subject to change by the applicable carrier and may be negotiated each year. Given the number of variables that may impact such other compensation, it is not possible to determine exactly how much additional compensation G&A Beneficial may be eligible to receive.

You acknowledge and agree that you have exercised, and will exercise, independent judgment in reviewing and approving, on a prospective and annual basis, such Plan-Related Commissions. Prior to the start of each coverage period, G&A will disclose in writing the Plan-Related Commissions that G&A Beneficial expects to receive in connection with the Plan. To the extent you do not approve of G&A Beneficial’s receipt of such Plan-Related Commissions, you may elect to not participate in the Plan for the related coverage period. You understand and specifically concur that G&A Beneficial is providing valuable services to the Plan with respect to its day-to-day and ongoing administration of the Plan and that the Plan-Related Commissions may or may not exceed G&A Beneficial’s actual costs in delivering the services to the Plan. If you have any questions about the Plans or the attached fee and commission schedule, representatives from EA/G&A would be pleased to meet with you and your team in person or by phone.