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Time to reopen, now what?

We understand there will be some hesitation and roadblocks business leaders face once all of the "shelters in place" are released. We gathered the resources below to help you and your team return to work.

Resources & Links


Return To The Workplace Health Self-Assessment

G&A Partners has provided you the following brief Employee Health Self-Assessment to distribute to your employees prior to entering the workplace.


COVID Return to Work Offer Letter

Copy this language to your companies letterhead to formally ask your employees to return to work.

What to do if an employee refuses to work

Follow these instructions if you find yourself in this position.


"Return to Work" action plan

We did the hard part for you! Download this template and customize it before asking your employees to come back to work..

How to create a "Return to Work" action plan

In preparation for reopening your business and asking employees to come back to work, it’s imperative that your company thoughtfully constructs a return to work action plan for its employees to keep everyone healthy and safe following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional Resources

Check out this list of resources we put together! It has podcast recommendations along with a few online training courses and various resources from OSHA and the CDC.

Health Self-Assessment Poster

G&A Partners has provided you the following poster to post by employee entrances and/or time-clocks.

OSHA 3990

Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

"Cloth Face Covering" Poster

Share this information from the CDC with your employees!

"Feeling Sick?" Poster

This poster created by the CDC educates your employees on how make the call to stay home from work

Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting

This document, created by the CDC, is great for workplaces, businesses, schools, and homes.

Bouncing Back: A List of Statewide Return to Work Protocols

Littler provides links to general reopening plans and orders that have been issued thus far, at the statewide level.

Face Covering FAQs

OSHA recently released a frequently asked questions document for the use of face masks.