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The Executive’s Guide To HR Outsourcing

Outsourcing HR represents a major trend in today’s business world.

When you hear the term “outsourcing,” odds are that it doesn’t necessarily bring warm thoughts to mind. Over the years, outsourcing has picked up a negative connotation, so much so that people decide to shy away from the concept altogether.

But outsourcing doesn’t have to mean sending jobs overseas; outsourcing is simply obtaining goods or services from an external source, instead of internally. If you could save your business time and money by using an outside vendor, why wouldn’t you? Many companies outsource their advertising needs (Mad Men, anyone?), and still more are outsourcing other businesses needs. But have you ever considered outsourcing your business’ human resources functions?

How does HR outsourcing work?

Outsourcing your HR needs is about more than just pinching pennies. The number one reason companies say that they made the decision to outsource HR is to redirect focus back to their core business. When you’re not worrying about every intricacy of your payroll and benefits administration, you have more time and energy to pour back into providing the quality goods or services your company is known for.

That’s not to say that there aren’t significant savings advantages to HR outsourcing. Beyond the savings associated with reducing the personnel in your HR department, outsourcing can also lead to cost savings on insurance and retirement plans. HR outsourcing companies can pool all of their clients’ employees to get considerable discounts on a variety of plans.

Whether you’re managing a large company with hundreds of employees, or own a small business with just a few employees, human resources is something that goes hand-in-hand with running your business. And while only you know the best way to grow your business, you may not know how to administer payroll, the best way to source new employees, or how to choose a health insurance plan.

The good news is that you don’t have to. When you partner with a top HR outsourcing provider, you get access to a team of human resources experts who can perform all of those functions for you.

Get the inside scoop on outsourcing HR.

Learn more about how outsourcing HR can help you grow your business faster and take better care of your employees by downloading G&A Partners’ “Executive’s Guide To HR Outsourcing.”

Executive Guide To HR Outsourcing

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