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How To Level Up Your Workplace Wellness Strategy

3 expert ideas for improving wellness in your workplace

Employers can do more to promote self-care and healthy work habits, says Olivia Curtis, wellness specialist at G&A Partners

Olivia Curtis, wellness specialist at G&A Partners
Olivia Curtis

Employee wellness programs have almost become an expected part of a company’s benefits package. But they can’t (and shouldn’t) stop at just incentivizing employees to complete their yearly checkup or get a flu shot. Employers that make wellness a part of their culture have an opportunity to help employees live healthier lives and enjoy all the perks that come along with having a healthier workforce. (Hello, lower health insurance costs!)

In an article for ColoradoBiz Magazine, Olivia Curtis, wellness specialist at G&A Partners, outlines several ways employers can level up their wellness game so they are “better able to recruit and retain top talent, boost productivity and job satisfaction, all while taking care of their greatest asset – their employees.”

Tip #1: Take your meetings to-go

“Experts recommend getting up from your desk at least once every hour, so incorporating meetings that have movement will encourage your employees to get moving, too,” Curtis said. “The increased blood flow to the brain boosts productivity and everyone will return to their seats more invigorated and engaged. Not only will you get people up and out of their chairs, but research has shown that walking increases creativity by as much as 60%.”

Offer more health-oriented amenities as part of your workplace wellness strategy

Tip #2: Offer more health-oriented amenities

“Onsite gyms and standing desks are great, but businesses don’t have to stop there,” Curtis said. “Turn an underutilized conference room or office into a wellness room where employees can enjoy a quiet break or even a quick nap during long days.”

Her other ideas for healthy amenities include:

  • Providing water coolers and herbal teas instead of (or in addition to) coffee and sodas
  • Hold onsite health-related education programs
  • Creating opportunities for employees to participate in mindfulness activities like meditation and yoga

Tip #3: Encourage employees to turn on their out-of-office replies

“Encourage your employees to use their accrued PTO and, if you notice that some people are working longer hours than usual, suggest they take a night or two off to rest and recharge,” Curtis said. “Employees that are overworking and not taking the recommended time off can lead to higher stress levels and burnout.”

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