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How To Recruit The Next Batch Of College Grads

A number of different decisions go into a college grad’s decision to relocate to a new market and start a career. Houston, historically, has been a hard sell to young talent.

However, the city isn’t what it used to be, thanks to the efforts of business leaders and philanthropists.
To entice those new college grads, make sure to highlight a number of factors, said Jose Laurel, director for recruitment services at Houston-based G&A Partners.

Here are his tips to attract out-of-market sharp college grads:

  • Make sure to talk about Houston’s diverse and robust economy. 
    It makes the city very attractive for a new grad looking to start a career, especially in Houston’s power industries: energy, health care and technology.
  • Highlight the city’s efforts to become a more livable, walkable metropolitan area.
    Millennials want different things out of their cities than previous generations. Make sure they’re aware of what Houston has to offer.
  • Find creative ways to offer perks, especially if you’re a smaller company. 
    Let’s face it, the big Fortune 100 companies have deep pockets, and their ability to offer big signing bonuses, comfortable salaries and other financial add-ons to a new employee’s contract.

“You have to look for those creative ways (to attract talent),” Laurel said.

Those include perks such as flex time, telecommuting and strong work-life balance initiatives. These benefits take stress off your employees, make your office a more suitable place to work and level the playing field against large competitors.

  • Make it clear from the start that employees have opportunities to continue their education and advance in their careers. 
    Dead-end jobs can be a big fear for recent grads, so assurances that they’ll continue to develop professionally will be a big plus.

“For companies that are doing these things, they’re the ones ending up with the top talent,” Laurel said. “They’re looking for ways to build careers, develop career paths and keep individuals sharp, as well as provide those opportunities that other companies that aren’t as aggressive can’t.”

This article originally appeared in the Houston Business Journal’s Biz Blog. To read the original article, click here.

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