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Time To Give Back

G&A Partners donates technology and expertise to help transform a Dallas nonprofit into a smooth-running organization. Read the full article in Philanthropy World magazine.

While Lisa Matthews, founder and president of Jonathan’s Place, welcomes monetary contributions, she’s quick to say that smaller in-kind donations can make a real and valuable impact. As founder and president of Jonathan’s Place, an emergency shelter for abused, abandoned, and neglected children, Matthews knows the demands placed on an organization that stands alone as the sole emergency shelter in Dallas that’s licensed to serve children under the age of 10. In reality, the shelter is more than a respite for these youngsters—it’s home for these young people who need food, clothing, education, and 24-hour care. And because round-the-clock services require that Jonathan’s Place maintain round-the-clock staffing, Matthews found herself in a precarious situation: how to effectively oversee employees, especially those working odd shifts, and manage all of the related time-consuming administrative tasks …and still have time to care for the children.

This is where a professional employer organization called G&A Partners lent a helping hand. The Texas-based company serves clients by managing the integral administrative functions related to human resources, benefits, payroll, workers compensation, and compliance for both profit and not-for-profit businesses so managers can spend their time running the business–not the back office. G&A Partners went to work with Matthews at Jonathan’s Place, helping to turn the organization into a smooth-running operation.

“G&A has become a trusted consultant and partner to Jonathan’s Place,” Matthews said. “The knowledgeable HR professionals are so willing and able to address our employees’ needs and answer our questions.”

The Gift of Time

Here’s what G&A Partners did: In addition to providing experienced people to administer the organization’s human resources, the company donated a time clock (valued at $1,600). The clock was then linked to G&A Partner’s advanced online time and labor management system, which helped to streamline operations and reduce costs. As employees at Jonathan’s Place clock in and out, G&A Partner’s time system automatically gathers time and attendance data, helping Matthews track her hourly employees and minimize the potential for costly errors. And because the data can then be exported directly to G&A Partner’s with the click of a button, Matthews has been able to significantly reduce payroll preparation time. Further, the time system technology gives Matthews online tools to manage her staff’s schedules and customize statistical reports by department.

“The past 18 months have proven to be some of the most challenging in Jonathan’s Place 20-year history, so like many nonprofits, we have had to make conservative use of our limited operating funds,” Matthews said. “G&A Partners has introduced processes and systems that are helping Jonathan’s Place run more efficiently, and their gift of a simple time clock continues to give back to our organization, time and time again.”

In the world of philanthropic giving, sometimes the most meaningful contributions are the ones that don’t begin with a dollar sign and end with a row of zeros.

“G&A Partners is all about giving our clients time,” said Mike Carroll, regional manager for G&A Partners’ Dallas operations. “Rarely is it quite as literal as a time clock, but regardless, we give the gift of time–time to focus on and grow a business or simply time to relax a bit.”

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