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Grijalva Allen PC Makes It’s New Home In Cutting-Edge Workspace

HOUSTON—February 25, 2009— Grijalva & Allen, P.C., a certified public accounting and management consulting firm, has moved into an innovative yet cost-effective office space.

Due to the rapid growth of its company affiliate, G&A Partners, a professional employer organizationand HR outsourcing firm, the accounting and management consulting business took the opportunity to expand to a separate office. Grijalva &Allen, P.C. teamed up with a Houston-based construction company, Meridian Constructors, last November and began building the new workspace. Many of the ideas seen as essential in a traditional office were left behind.

Creating workspaces that allow employees to collaborate more easily is an upcoming trend in corporate America. Grijalva &Allen proved to be no different. Each pair of work stations has enough room for four people to comfortably conduct a small meeting. Another concept the office incorporated was a phone booth. Employees can utilize this space to make a quick personal phone call, participate in conference calls and take part in webinars without disturbing others in the open office.

Every aspect of the new office was meticulously mapped out to allow employees to make the most of the space. Short, 42”walls, suggested by architect Richard Moody, of Hunter Moody Architects, were put together to form work stations, as an alternative to buying high-priced cubicles that separate employees working within the same department. The soft color of the laminate desk tops reflects light in the office which gives the space a vibrant feel. Each station is equipped with wiring capabilities that allow an employee to set up a computer in a number of positions. The company filing cabinets serve double duty with counter-like tops that stop just above the average person’s waistline and act as another temporary workspace. Many of the office fixtures were reasonably priced and have wheels attached, which make configuration an easy task.

“This office is a physical embodiment of G&A’s commitment to its employees,” said Diana Rollo, director of finance and accounting services. “We’ve provided light and flexibility and tools, and now we’ll get out of their way and let them hit home runs.”

The tax, accounting, and management consulting firm’s main focus for 2009 is to use this great space to grow, cementing relationships with existing clients and developing meaningful relationships with new clients, as stated by Rollo.

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