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Nashville Content Corner: Businesses expanding mental-health resources

The World Health Organization estimates $1 trillion per year is lost globally in workplace productivity due to depression and anxiety, and businesses are responding by expanding mental-health offerings, writes G&A Partners’ Aubrey Livingston.

One convenient and cost-effective benefit many businesses are offering is virtual care.

“Offering telemedicine options — which are available by phone or video call — can expand access to services, provide employees with a convenient resource, and reduce the total cost of care,” writes Livingston, who is G&A’s regional sales director in Nashville, Tenn.

Usage of virtual care is on the rise across multiple generations, with Baby Boomers increasing their usage by 155% since 2020, according to an Advisory Board study. Virtual care is also convenient. Workers can schedule appointments that fit into their schedule at home, in the office, or on the road.

Livingston also shares the importance of creating a culture that supports your employees’ well-being and emphasizes the importance of mental health.

“Reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging your employees to seek help when they need it will help solidify a supportive culture and lead to a more productive workforce,” writes Livingston.

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