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Boost employee engagement and your bottom line.

Your organization’s success is tied directly to the quality of service you provide. And great service starts—and ends—with a great team. When you choose to outsource your HR needs with G&A, you tap into a network of trusted experts, tools, and comprehensive HR services that help you recruit your top candidates, avoid turnover, meet state and federal regulations, and provide top-rated benefits.

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By combining expert HR solutions with easy-to-use technology and support from a dedicated account team, G&A Partners was able to help create a work environment that empowers employees to work more efficiently and productively while also providing them with the peace of mind that comes with having a quality, affordable benefits package

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Recruiting & Retention

Attract, retain, and inspire top talent.

Competing for the most qualified job candidates can be difficult for small to mid-sized companies. With G&A, you can offer current and prospective employees affordable, top-rated benefits and a supportive, employee-focused company culture.

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Employee Benefits

Gain a competitive edge with affordable, Fortune 500-level benefits.

Hiring and holding onto a productive and engaged team is critical to your success. But as a growing business, offering competitive benefits can feel out of reach. When you tap into the buying power of G&A, you gain access to robust, top-rated benefits, for your current and future employees.

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Simplify HR processes and procedures with G&A’s easy-to-use, integrated technology.

Backed by the support of our world-class client service, G&A’s technology platform gives you access to robust HR resources and streamlines your payroll, benefits administration, recruiting, and more.

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Stay compliant with current employment and industry laws and regulations.

The regulatory experts as G&A offers guidance and training to help you stay up to date with local, state, and federal laws and regulations.


Our reliable payroll solutions let you focus on service first.

G&A’s comprehensive payroll administration technology and services are designed to fit your unique needs – giving you more time to focus on growing your business and taking care of your employees.

Health Insurance & Benefits

Build a better benefits package and a healthier team.

With an affordable, Fortune 500-level benefits package, you can attract and retain top talent.

HR Management

Develop and implement meaningful policies and best practices.

Get a customized HR management solution that aligns with your needs and complies with applicable regulations.

HR Technology

Simplify HR administration for you and your employees.

The technology and tools you need to streamline your HR processes, through every stage of the employee lifecycle.


Recruit and retain a talented team of professionals.

From sourcing talent to vetting and interviewing candidates, we can we help you find (and hire) the best employees for your business.

Workplace Safety

Ensure the health and safety of every employee.

The workplace safety experts at G&A can put the proper processes and procedures in place that foster a happier and healthier workplace.

Build and foster a corporate culture that reflects your mission, vision, and values.

Find out how to set the tone for your company and ensure that you’re providing a culture for current and future employees that aligns with your vision and values.