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How PEOs Partner With In-House HR

The role of human resources in business is ever-evolving.

In the past, HR was mainly seen as an administrative function of the business, and its sole purpose was to ensure employees got hired and paid. Now, however, as business owners have realized the value of human resources, HR professionals are expected to play many roles seamlessly throughout their day: counselor, trainer, company spokesperson, benefits expert, “welcome wagon” leader, government compliance authority, event planner… the list could go on and on. And although most HR professionals are delighted to have the chance to focus on more strategic functions like organizational culture and development, they continue to be burdened by transactional HR tasks like processing payroll and benefits enrollment.

Understandably, many HR departments are overwhelmed by all these demands on their time. This is especially true for HR professionals working in small businesses, where the “HR department” may only consist of just one or two people. That’s where Professional Employer Organizations come in. PEOs provide expert administrative HR services, alleviating the stress of managing employees and allowing their clients to focus more of their time on the company’s core business.

See how outsourcing tedious administrative and HR tasks to G&A Partners helped Mary, a senior HR professional, focus on more strategic HR functions in this short, two-minute video.

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