Using online payroll technology platforms or software to process payroll allows employers to operate virtually paper-free, and provides the security of knowing their records are securely stored and accessible whenever needed. And it’s not just the employer who benefits from these online records: employees who need to retrieve old W-2s or paystubs are also given the freedom and flexibility to do so on their own time when this data is stored in a secure online platform.

Creating and running payroll reports

One of a business’s biggest expenses is payroll – wouldn’t it be nice to be absolutely sure that such a big investment was being used in the most efficient way possible?

Companies that are processing payroll manually, and to some extent those using less sophisticated payroll systems, are often limited in the kind of insight they can gain into their payroll data, and running job costing, certified payroll and other specialized payroll reports is almost impossible.

An automated payroll technology platform with advanced reporting tools allows employers to slice and dice their payroll data virtually however they please to create the exact payroll report they need to more accurately manage their budgets.

Get the cure to all your payroll headaches.

When you outsource payroll with G&A Partners, you don’t spend any time making calculations or preparing reports.

G&A’s payroll processing experts handle all the necessary payments and withdrawals using a simple, self-service online system that gives your employees and managers the access they need, and want, to view paystubs, update their information, approve timesheets, etc.

G&A’s payroll processing services include:

  • Payroll setup
  • Payroll tax filing
  • Online payroll submission
  • Automated standard deductions
  • Garnishment & levy administration
  • New hire reporting
  • Job costing & certified payroll
  • Custom report development

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