Already have a client in mind you want to refer to G&A Partners?

Benefits of joining G&A Partners’ Referral Network:

The ability to help your clients improve their profitability while you gain access to an additional revenue stream for the life of the account.

When you refer business to G&A Partners, you’re also putting extra cash in your pocket. G&A Partners will pay you a commission when their clients become our clients, allowing you to generate additional revenue on every client you send our way!

Tremendous buying power for your clients on HR technology, employee benefits, workers’ compensation, etc.

G&A Partners has leveraged the tens of thousands of employees it serves to negotiate master plans with top carriers to provide its clients with access to rich benefit options at highly competitive rates. Clients also have access to products unique to G&A and not available in the open market.

A contractual relationship with G&A Partners helps you protect your book of business from other PEOs and brokers.

Partnering with G&A to offer comprehensive human resources solutions allows you to build a fence around your current book of business, preventing other, predatory PEOs from poaching your clients.

The opportunity to enhance current client relationships and establish yourself as a true trusted advisor.

Here at G&A, we’re obsessed with making sure every interaction our clients and their employees have with us exceeds their expectations. That commitment isn’t just something we talk about either—it’s something we actively measure using the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Who we work with:

By partnering with G&A, life and health (L&H) and property and casualty (P&C) insurance agents and brokers are able to:

  • Help reduce their clients’ administrative burdens so that they can focus more time on growing their business and reaching their goals.
  • Better protect their books of business and prevent other brokers and PEOs from stealing their business.
  • Access a new revenue stream, both on new business and the business they currently have, by earning PEO commissions on referred business.
  • Carve out insurance products to give clients access to the best options.

By partnering with G&A, trusted advisors (CPAs, private equity partners, associations, chambers of commerce) are able to:

  • Deliver added value to their clients/members by providing them with preferred pricing on G&A’s customizable and scalable HR outsourcing solutions.
  • Provide their clients/members with the expert HR, employee benefits and payroll support they need to grow their businesses faster and become more profitable.

By partnering with G&A, PEO brokers gain several competitive advantages over their competition, including:

  • Ability to offer multiple affordable employee benefit options (health, dental, vision, life, disability, and more), either through G&A’s own master plans or procured by our in-house brokerage team on the open market.
  • Preferred pricing for clients on G&A’s comprehensive HR solutions and related products/services.
  • Competitive commissions from G&A on referred business.