More than ever, a comprehensive employee training and development program is the key to success in today’s perpetually evolving business environment. But how do you get started when you don’t have the time, capabilities, or budget to coordinate in-house training? At G&A, we have the expertise and resources to deliver customized online training programs that develop employees’ skill sets and fortify your business’ talent pipeline.

Proactive Training Programs that Build In-House Expertise

A proactive employee training and development program helps close skill gaps, strengthen employee retention rates, and improve job satisfaction and employee engagement. Providing employees new skills and competencies broadens the level of expertise within your organization, which translates to added value for your existing or prospective customers.

Development Opportunities Provide a Clear Path Forward

The most successful business leaders concentrate on what can be achieved today as well as planning and preparing for organizational success in 15, 30 or even 50 years. An important part of that forward-thinking strategy is a proactive employee training and development program that focuses on building your organizational talent pipeline. Our job training programs formulate clear and transparent succession plans for your employees and map out a pathway to help them grow in their chosen career.

Online Employee Training and Development that Fits Today’s Workforce

Our increasingly fluid work environment requires innovative training methods that deliver professional growth programs where employees are and when they need them. G&A's online learning management system (LMS) offers a comprehensive and cost-effective training solution that gives your company access to thousands of timely and current training courses and allows you to assign, track and report on employees' progress.

Training Programs that Comply with Local, State and Federal Regulations

It can be challenging to administer an in-house employee training and development program, much less ensure that it covers myriad and ever-changing government regulations that apply to your business and industry. But it’s essential to provide compliance learning opportunities for supervisors and employees so you can avoid costly legal and/or monetary penalties.

G&A offers comprehensive online supervisory and employee training programs that encompass many human resources and compliance topics, from improving meeting effectiveness to preventing and diffusing workplace violence. And each interactive course features quizzes, video clips and real-world scenarios to keep employees engaged and informed.