When you provide your employees with access to professional development and training programs, you’re doing more than providing career growth opportunities—you’re preparing them to successfully manage, lead, and inspire others in the future. But how do you get started when it’s often difficult to find the time, expertise or budget to coordinate programs in house? At G&A, we have the expertise and resources to provide you and your team with online training programs that combine your company’s organizational needs with the individual needs of your employees.

Proactive Training to Build In-House Expertise

By investing in the training and development of your current team, you can lessen your in-house skills gap, decrease the need to hire additional employees, and increase job satisfaction and engagement. Training an employee to learn a new skill or competency will also broaden the level of expertise within your organization, which translates to added value for your existing or prospective customers.

Development Opportunities Provide a Clear Path Forward

The most successful business leaders are not only concerned with what can be achieved today—they’re also focused on laying the groundwork to ensure success in 15, 30 or even 50 years. An important part of that forward-thinking strategy is the proactive training of current employees, so they’re prepared for the responsibilities to come in middle and upper management positions.

An Online Learning System for In-House Training

If you don’t have the budget or ability to develop an in-house training program, G&A offers the option of comprehensive online training through our learning management system (LMS). Whether you’re looking for one-off training opportunities or access to thousands of timely and current training courses, our platform allows you to assign, track, and report on the progress of professional development across your entire organization.

Stay Up to Date on Important State and Federal Regulations

It’s not always easy to build your own employee training or development programs, due to budget constraints, lack of time and manpower, or limited in-house compliance knowledge. But it’s very important to keep your supervisors and employees up to date on important state and federal regulations – so you can avoid any legal and/or monetary implications.

G&A offers comprehensive online supervisory and employee training courses that cover many human resources topics, from improving the effectiveness of meetings to preventing and diffusing workplace violence. And each interactive course features quizzes, video clips and real-world scenarios to keep employees engaged and informed.