Become the workplace of choice for your industry’s best talent.

In your world, building a team of highly-skilled professionals—and keeping them engaged and inspired—can mean the difference between a business that is standing still or thriving. When you partner with G&A, you open the door to comprehensive recruiting expertise, affordable, competitive benefits, end-to-end HR solutions, integrated technology, and world-class customer service, consistently rated 35x higher than others in the HR outsourcing industry. In short, you tap into the people and resources that help your employees and your company grow.

Porcelain Slab Provider Partners With G&A For Fast Growth

In its first year in business, Moderno Porcelain Works, a large-format porcelain slab provider, fabricator and installer, grew from one employee to 40 employees, with offices in Houston and Miami. Ramping up quickly meant there was a mountain of work to do and too few people to do it.

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Recruiting & Retention

Recruit and retain top talent in your industry.

G&A’s recruiting experts can help you proactively source, vet, interview, and hire top candidates who will thrive in your unique company culture. And once onboard, we can help you avoid costly turnover with seamless HR solutions, career track training and planning, and top-quality benefits.

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Build a competitive and affordable benefits package.

When you partner with G&A, you gain access to affordable, Fortune 500-level employee benefits—helping you to compete for top talent in your industry. And offering a robust benefits package gives your current and future employees the ability to better protect the physical and financial health of themselves and their family.

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Safety & Compliance

Keep your employees safe and your business compliant.

Taking care of your employees and keeping them safe is a top priority. At G&A, our safety and compliance specialists can help you build a customized workplace safety program that includes updated processes and procedures, management and employee training, adherence to laws and regulations, and more.

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Reporting & Management

Simplify and streamline daily operations with G&A’s HR management software and reporting tools.

Automate processes, improve workplace efficiency, and maximize employee productivity with G&A’s secure, integrated HR management software solution. From time and labor management, to benefits administration, customized reporting and on-demand trend analyses, you can more easily stay on top of it all and free up time to grow your business.


Get time back to focus on your business when you tap into our timely, reliable payroll solutions.

From time and labor management, to payroll processing, and more, G&A’s streamlined payroll technology and services give you time back to take care of your team and your business.

Health Insurance & Benefits

Compete for top talent with a more robust benefits package.

Attract and retain your industry’s most sought-after talent by offering affordable, Fortune 500-level health and financial benefits.

HR Management

Protect your business and set your employees up for success with customized policies and HR management solutions.

The specialists at G&A can develop processes and implement HR management tools that help you set and track employee performance, ensure compliance, and more.

HR Technology

Customize and streamline HR administration for you and your team.

From applicant tracking to online learning, G&A’s HR technology suite helps you simplify and automate HR responsibilities so you can more easily manage the entire employee experience.


Recruit and retain your industry’s best talent.

Whether you’re focused on immediately growing your team or building a pipeline of potential job candidates, G&A can help source (and hire) the best employees for your organization.

Workplace Safety

Ensure the health and safety of every employee.

The workplace safety experts at G&A can put the proper processes and procedures in place to ensure a happy, healthy, and risk-free workplace.

What does losing a valued employee cost you?

From recruiting through separation, find out how skilled employee retention—and turnover—can impact your bottom line.

Additional Resources

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