A smarter, simplified payroll reporting process.

Standard payroll reports generate snapshots of wage and labor expenses, but with advanced payroll reporting tools from G&A, you can mine more from your data. Featuring dozens of customizable fields and filters, you can now create tailored payroll reports for your next audit, board meeting, or budget review. You can also track and forecast labor expenses and overhead costs and use intuitive job costing and certified payroll tools to streamline processes for any government projects.

Automate payroll reporting today and gather data to plan for tomorrow

Maintaining accurate employee and contractor payroll and tax records is an ongoing, necessary task. The payroll experts at G&A can work with your team to ease the burden and get the most out of the information you gather along the way. By first determining if your company is capitalizing on your reporting processes, we can then design solutions that will allow you to use your data to enhance your company’s operations and ensure compliance.

Whether you need to produce specialized or standard payroll reports, it helps to have flexible, intuitive software at your fingertips. G&A’s online platform allows you to quickly and easily run different types of reports, such as salary analysis, overtime, paid time off, compensation analysis, pay type and total payments. And because federal, state, and local taxing authorities have regulatory employee reporting requirements that your company must adhere to or face penalties, our online platform functions as a regulatory compliance tool that keeps you on track with producing and submitting mandatory payroll tax reports.

Affordable job-costing technology that adapts to your company’s needs

Accurately allocating your company’s labor wages and time can be a challenge. Done manually, calculations can be cumbersome and mistakes can easily be made, but purchasing proprietary software is a pricey investment not all businesses want to make. When you partner with G&A, you gain access to an integrated technology platform with a job-costing feature that can be tailored to your company’s specific needs—at no additional expense.

G&A’s technology features an intuitive job costing tool that accommodates as many job codes as your company needs, allowing you to conduct analyses on demand and make decisions that enhance your company’s bottom line. With the job-costing tool from G&A, you can:

  • Monitor and adjust expenses in real-time
  • Eliminate wasteful spending
  • Improve efficiency
  • Ensure all costs associated with a particular job are invoiced to that client
  • Produce more accurate quotes for prospective clients or proposals
  • Run detailed reports that provide insight into the profitability of each job

Seamlessly manage your certified payroll reporting processes

Government contracts come with complex reporting and regulatory compliance requirements. G&A’s online technology platform includes a certified payroll reporting feature that helps your company comply with federally funded projects. If you’re working on a federally funded project, you know that a certified payroll report must be submitted each week.

The payroll reporting specialists at G&A are well versed in managing this detailed process. We will work closely with you to set up your certified payroll system, so you can accurately input employee information (including tax withholding) and assign prevailing wage rates for various job classifications. Once the reporting infrastructure is in place, your company will be able to run federal, state, and local-certified payroll reports throughout the duration of the project. You can also update employee records and other data to reflect job site changes.

Streamline your Forms W-2 and 1099 reporting processes

Tracking employee wage and contractor payments throughout the year helps you fulfill annual tax-reporting responsibilities. To help streamline that often laborious task, G&A’s payroll technology platform incorporates reporting tools that automate your W-2 and 1099 processes and keep your company in compliance. And because you’re required to send these forms to your employees and contractors—and the IRS—by January 31 of each year, our payroll experts can work with your team to create an automated system that organizes your company’s wages and contractor payments so that generating annual tax reports is easy and efficient.