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The HR expertise and solutions to meet the unique needs of manufacturing companies.

As a manufacturer, you manage a wide variety of daily roles and responsibilities. Taking care of the employees who help you grow and evolve your business sits at the top of that list. From payroll and benefits to increasingly important recruiting and retention efforts, G&A can provide you with the HR expertise, tools, solutions, and valuable time you need to move your businesses forward.

G-Con and G&A: A Shared Commitment to Teamwork

When G-Con (a cleanroom manufacturer in College Station, Texas) grew from 8 to over 250 employees in a relatively short period of time – the needs and complexity of their HR grew as well. As with most growing companies, administrative tasks began to take over and the cost of benefits rose dramatically. After looking into a variety of options, G-Con chose to partner with G&A based on a shared commitment to teamwork, in-house HR expertise, and a comprehensive set of solutions for payroll, benefits, 401(k) management, and more.

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Timely, accurate payroll services.

The seasoned payroll specialists at G&A can provide you and your team with comprehensive and timely payroll administration services so you can spend less time managing payroll and more time growing your business.

Health Insurance & Benefits

Build a competitive, affordable benefits package.

With access to quality, affordable benefits, you can attract and retain employees with the skills and capabilities to take your business to the next level.

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HR Management

Create and manage meaningful policies and best practices.

The HR management specialists at G&A can help you craft and implement customized processes, policies, and procedures that keep your company compliant and give your employees access to the information, support, and training they need to succeed in current and future positions.

HR Technology

Streamline and simplify every phase of the HR process.

When you partner with G&A, you gain access to end-to-end technology solutions to help you improve efficiencies and streamline HR administration.

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Recruit and retain top industry talent.

G&A’s specialists can help build and manage a recruitment program to help you proactively source, vet, and hire the most qualified talent for your organization’s needs.

Workplace Safety

Ensure the health and safety of every employee.

The safety experts at G&A can put the proper processes and procedures in place that foster a healthier, more productive workplace.