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Get to Know the G&A Team

Our team of HR experts can handle all the stuff that can slow you down – which lets you get back to what you do best — growing your business.

Gwen the GOAT

Gwen, the HR G.O.A.T.

When you’re in need of HR guidance and expertise, you want someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes HR. That’s Gwen, the HR Advisor. Or as we like to call her – the HR G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time). It’s been rumored that Gwen reads HR-related compliance gossip over her morning coffee. And while she’s impressively well-versed in all things HR, it’s her ability to strategize and organize that makes her an integral part of your team. From guidance on employment compliance to unemployment claims management, new hire onboarding, employee relations, and more, Gwen will help you traverse the tricky terrain of human resources with grace and agility, which is the other reason she’s called the HR GOAT.

Ben The Benefits Brainiac

Ben, the Benefits Brainiac

Ben, the Benefits Brainiac, is a knowledgeable and inquisitive people person who excels at solving even the most mind-bending, benefits-related puzzles. From claims management and benefits administration to online benefits enrollment and invoice reconciliation, he’s got the know-how to help you put it all together. Even if it’s the most complicated, 3,000-piece, expert-level puzzle imaginable, Ben’s got this.

Pam The Payroll Professor

Pam, the Payroll Professor

When not catching a little R&R over a nice game of pro-level sudoku, Pam, the Payroll Professor, can be found pouring over your company’s numbers with eagle-eyed precision. Nothing payroll-related gets past Pam. She’s detail-oriented, extremely analytical, and as much as she adores making sure your people get paid, she also keeps things running smoothly when it comes to employment tax processing, wage garnishments, tax credit calculations, and more. The best part? You don’t have to enroll at the local college to benefit from her wisdom. Because Pam and her payroll pals are a part of your everyday, expert team at G&A – and they’re all about processing your Benjamins.

Brooke The Business BFF

Brooke, the Business BFF

Ever wish you had a best friend devoted to helping your company with its HR duties? Meet Brooke, your Business BFF. She’s a great listener, master of managing projects, and next-level problem solver. In short, she can get you the information you need whenever you need it. Some would say Brooke is obsessed (in the healthiest way possible, of course) with helping you and your employees succeed. When you have a question, she’s there to find the answer or connect you to a specific expert – and she’s always up for a good brainstorming session. She’s also your official liaison between all members of the G&A team – managing the overall relationship between you and G&A Partners and helping facilitate long-term strategic planning. But best of all, if you ever break an arm, she’ll be the first to sign your cast.

Frank the F Ixer

Frank, the Fixer

Every office has that one person – a priceless resource who knows what to do, when to do it, where to find it, and how to get stuff done. At G&A, that’s Frank, the Fixer – aka, the Live Help Desk. Our resident know-it-all (affectionately speaking), Frank is the perfect first stop for questions and requests, thanks to his HR “connections.” Whether he’s introducing you to one of our specialized experts or helping you change a password, Frank is focused on getting the job done, so you can get back to growing your organization. And as far as Frank’s concerned, when you partner with G&A, you become part of the family. That means he’s always ready and available to help via phone, email, chat, or web. You won’t even have to make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Real Boss

The Real Boss

The Real Boss is … you! That’s right. G&A’s ensemble of team players and HR gurus is assembled with one shared purpose: to help you reach your business goals by ensuring all HR duties are up to task. When it comes to your organization, you’re the one with the vision and the big workload – and you need time back in your day to focus on innovation and growth. By partnering with G&A, you get HR support and expertise, a team as committed to your employees as you are, and the ability to focus on what you love. Now, that’s a good move, Boss.

Regain valuable time while improving employee retention, relations, performance, and engagement.

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