A workplace safety program tailored to your specific needs

A proactive prevention plan is the best defense against workplace accidents. You’re committed to providing a safe work environment for your employees, but the process of developing and implementing a safety plan can be complicated and time-consuming. G&A provides assistance with training, resources, and support you need to create a “safety culture” that protects your employees and your operation. Learn more below.

A Safety Culture

A safety culture is a company-wide commitment to safety beliefs, values, and attitudes, where:

  • Safety is considered a top priority throughout your organization
  • Established rules and procedures are outlined in an employee safety manual
  • Employees receive ongoing safety and accident prevention training
  • Employees are held accountable for abiding by all safety rules and procedures
  • Employees are empowered to address safety issues in a proactive manner
  • Management is committed to upholding and improving your workplace safety program

Benefits of a Safe Workplace

A safety culture leads to outcomes that benefit your company in many ways – both tangible and intangible.

Your employees feel safe and protected. Your company experiences lower costs associated with work-related injuries and illnesses. Employee productivity is higher, and workplace morale increases as employees see evidence of your commitment to their well-being.

Workplace Safety Services

A successful workplace health and safety program starts with a detailed plan. But implementing and maintaining that plan in-house can put added stress on an employee who is already juggling multiple responsibilities. With G&A, you have access to a team of safety experts who will assist you and your team through the creation, implementation, and maintenance of your customized program, with services that include:

  • Employee safety manual
  • Workers’ compensation coverage and claims administration
  • Safety and accident prevention training
  • Safety and post-accident investigations
  • OSHA assistance

The expertise to help you stay OSHA compliant

In addition to being required, workplace safety standards established by the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) serve as a foundation for a healthy company. Full compliance is your goal, but it can be an arduous process. The safety team at G&A knows OSHA inside out. We can assist you with your compliance efforts, which may help you meet all requirements, and help keep you aware of any revisions to the act. We can also help you prepare for inspections and provide support when a near-miss incident or workplace accident occurs on your job site.

Surprise OSHA Inspections

Most OSHA inspections are conducted without advance warning, so it’s important you’re in full compliance at all times. And because surprise inspections are the norm, a proactive workplace health and safety strategy is the best approach.

Our safety specialists will study your job and office sites to help identify and address potential compliance concerns and hazards. If necessary, we’ll work with you on a plan of corrective action, so you’re ready when OSHA inspectors arrive … unexpectedly.

Accident Investigations

Full compliance with OSHA and a workplace safety program will help decrease the chance of accidents, but in the unlikely event an employee is injured on the job or experiences a near-miss incident, G&A will help walk you through your responsibilities as an employer. We can facilitate an accident investigation and expedite the process of getting your employees the help they need so they can return to work when they’re ready and able.

OSHA Compliance Services

Achieving and maintaining full OSHA compliance is an ongoing process, and our team of experts can guide you through every necessary step, including:

  • Investigations of employee accidents and near-miss incidents
  • Full consultation and assistance with OSHA surprise visits

Arm your employees with the information they need to stay safe on the job

A proactive accident prevention plan lets your employees know you value and prioritize their safety. G&A can help you design a comprehensive safety training program that gives your employees the tools they need to recognize and avoid potentially hazardous situations. Our workplace safety experts will also work with you to develop, implement, and periodically update job- and site-specific safety training protocols and policies that protect your employees and your business.

Find out what it takes to build one from the ground up.

Company Training

Your company is unique, and your safety training module should be built to address your specific needs. G&A’s multistep approach to customizing workplace safety training programs includes:

  • An analysis of your work environment
  • Identifying workplace hazards unique to your employees
  • Assistance with the development of specific training methods
  • Help with compiling materials into a complete training program that can be delivered to your employees in person or online.

Risk-Related Costs

It’s estimated that U.S. employers pay almost $1 billion per week in direct costs related to workplace injuries and illnesses.

Dollars and cents aside, no one wins when there is an accident. Your employee’s life is disrupted, your workplace is shaken, and you can potentially be exposed to OSHA fines. All of this is preventable with a proactive safety training program in place.

Employee Training Services

Developing a workplace safety training program doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. Our dedicated team will help guide you through each initial, and ongoing step, including:

  • The development of a written Employee Safety Manual
  • Safety audits/inspections
  • Post-audit/inspection safety reports and training
  • Provide sample safety training materials