Your benefits package is one of the top two considerations that potential employees review when evaluating a job offer – second only to salary. It’s also one of the biggest line items in your budget. When you partner with G&A, you gain access to a wide range of employee benefits products from the nation’s top carriers – at a price that won’t break your budget.

From group health insurance, to 401(k), accident, disability and so much more, we’re here to provide you with the options and expertise you need to build a competitive benefits package – for current and future employees.

Love working with your insurance broker? G&A is happy to work together with your broker to identify the plan that works best for you.

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Benefit Administration Services

Get support behind your benefits

Take the time and guesswork out of benefits administration. With G&A’s expertise and integrated software, you can simplify benefits enrollment, deductions, and more.

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Group Health Insurance

Access top-rate insurance

Have you struggled to find quality, affordable medical insurance to offer your employees? G&A offers Fortune 500-level group health insurance you and your employees can afford.

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401(k) & Retirement Plans

Offer security for the future

When you partner with G&A, you can offer your team the financial security of a 401(k) plan, without the hassle or risk of managing it on your own.

Ancillary Benefits Products

Enhance your benefits offering

Go beyond health insurance. Enhance your benefits offering with dental, vision, life, disability, and ancillary benefits like critical illness and accident coverage.

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Employee Perks & Programs

Go beyond the basics

Attract and retain a talented workforce with employee perks and programs, including wellness, telemedicine, employee assistance programs, and more.

Austin Brewery Finds Better Benefits, Proactive HR Partner

Faced with rising health care costs and a young workforce in need of affordable benefits, Austin Beerworks decided it needed an HR solution that helped them keep their health care costs in check while still providing his employees with the coverage that meets their needs.