Medical Economics: Better Patient Care Begins With Improved Recruitment and Retention Strategies

G&A Partners’ senior recruiting specialist Leigh Rozelle offers five tips that physicians and healthcare providers can implement to help attract and retain talent in a recent Medical Economics article.

In the article “Attract and keep exceptional talent with retention and recruiting strategies for today’s labor market,” Rozelle says several factors have contributed to ongoing recruiting and retention issues within the healthcare industry, including high burnout rates, a lack of workplace flexibility, and more openings than qualified candidates.

But high turnover or an understaffed office can hinder a practice’s ability to provide high-quality patient care.

“Too often, turnover within a practice can be attributed to hiring candidates who aren’t a good fit — perhaps they aren’t a match culturally or don’t have the proper qualifications for the job,” writes Rozelle. “Either way the impact can be valuable time lost during recruiting and while training the new hire, only to lead to the employee leaving after a few short months.”

Improving recruiting and retention starts with attracting the right candidates, says Rozelle, and doing so can boost the long-term success of a practice.

“A productive, motivated team often leads to better patient care, innovative ideas, and employee satisfaction that boosts retention,” writes Rozelle.

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