Healthcare Business Today: Tips to help navigate anticipated HR trends in 2024

G&A Partners’ Susan Crowder, HR manager of client success, shares three workplace trends to expect this year and offers tips on how to navigate them in a recent Healthcare Business Today article.

Hospital nurse

Managing a workforce during economic uncertainty, preparing the workplace for generative artificial intelligence, and engaging a more informed workforce are three trends Crowder says will impact healthcare leaders in the article, “2024 HR Trends and How to Manage Them.”

As part of preparing the workplace for generative AI, Crowder says HR and healthcare leaders should implement a system of checks and balances to ensure proper usage.

“HR leaders can prepare your workforce for generative AI by providing proper guidance through company policies and training [employees] on how to properly use the tool,” writes Crowder. “The result? Opportunities to streamline processes and innovate that can benefit your business and your employees.”

Understanding the risks associated with generative AI, such as potential legal or privacy risks, is also important when developing guidelines and policies for your employees, says Crowder.

To learn more about HR trends impacting healthcare leaders in 2024, read the full article here.