Providing your employees with a safe work environment is a top priority, but keeping up with, and putting in place, the proper guidelines and procedures can be a confusing and time-consuming process. The workplace safety experts at G&A can help you develop and implement safety protocols and policies that protect your employees and your business. With the proper tools, training and preparation in place, you can better prevent workplace accidents and combat employee safety fatigue.

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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

An extra layer of protection

Get comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance backed by world-class support and expertise.

Workplace Safety Training

The “A Team” in safety education

Customized training that combines workplace safety expertise, employee input, and site-specific protocols.

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Employee Safety Manual

Your all-in-one safety resource

Documented policies and procedures to prevent workplace injuries and minimize workers’ compensation claims.

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OSHA Compliance

OSHA compliant & inspection-ready

Meet OSHA regulations, avoid costly penalties, and ensure your workers remain healthy and productive.