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HR Hiring Horror Stories (Chapter 2)

G&A HR Hiring Horror Stories

A ghastly cackle reaches your ears as you find yourself running, running, running through the pitch black night with employee file in hand.

Welcome back to another terrifying chapter of… HR Hiring Horror Stories… Less gory than that slasher film you watched last Halloween, but with about as much clean up necessary to recover.

Here are some classic HR hiring horror stories with tips / potions from G&A Partners to help you survive!  Be sure to read last week’s Chapter 1 HR Horror Hiring Stories (WILL ADD LINK WHEN LIVE) for even more haunting HR tales!

THE SKINNY SKELETON (a.k.a. Great Bones, but No Muscle)

After seeing so many zombies, you were so wowed by this employee’s resume that the interview became merely a formality. Despite having all the right credentials on paper though, after being hired it became apparent that this lightweight lacked the muscle to do the job.

The Potion – Before you begin to interview applicants, bone up on your techniques. Asking appropriate and probing questions will help ensure you learn what you need to know about the candidates to avoid making a horrific mistake.

DEMON OF DARKNESS (a.k.a. the Black Cloud)

He seemed pleasant enough in the interview, but after a few months on the job this guy turned ghoulish. Now, his continuous complaining is spreading a cloud of negativity throughout the workplace. You’re afraid this monster may be trying to recruit a legion of doomsayers.

The Potion – Employees need an outlet to express their concerns, and complaints should be taken seriously and addressed if valid. However, as a manager, you can’t let one cynic spread doom and gloom. To fight this demon, stress the importance of a positive and harmonious work environment and point out how negativity can hinder performance.


Your new employee is a real dynamo, but her ambition to succeed is making her less than friendly to her coworkers. She flies off the handle far too often, and now no one wants to work with her.

The Potion – Face this witch head on. Remind her that, in addition to having strong job-specific skills, the company expects her to treat her coworkers with dignity and respect.

What are YOUR HR Hiring Horror stories? Leave us a comment or use the #hrhorror tag on Twitter and let us know!

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  1. Jackie says:

    I like that you go straight to the point in your latest posts, appreciate!

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