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Who Is The Million Dollar Employee?

million dollar employee

A Million Dollar Employee, without the million-dollar price tag.

As you run down the list of operations and departments in your company, you’ll find many key areas where quality personnel can make or possibly break your business. You probably already have managers and employees overseeing the day-to-day functions of HR, payroll, bookkeeping, recruiting, workplace safety, workers’ compensation, employee training, benefits administration, and more. Or maybe you’re doing some of these tasks yourself and are feeling the pressure of an extreme time crunch.

What if a prospective candidate, who happens to be an expert in all those areas, were to apply for work in your company? Then, let’s say this potential new hire showed you how he or she could implement technology to streamline and automate many of the time intensive tasks you’re paying multiple employees to do now.

And what if this candidate brought documented proof how his or her process had vastly improved the efficiency of previous employers? Wouldn’t you eagerly hire this person up and speed along the hiring process?

Add up the cost of hiring:

  • A human resources expert (who isn’t already overworked and stressed out)
  • Payroll, bookkeeping and benefits administration experts, plus the cost of employee benefits plans
  • Recruiting, training and risk management experts
  • An HR technology expert who can install and implement all the time saving systems you need to optimize your workforce

Even if you leave out the installation of technology and software, you’re looking at hiring the quintessential employee. Can you afford to hire this person? And more importantly, can you afford not to? If this employee could save you a million dollars a year, you’d at least break even. Right?

Meet the Million Dollar Employee!

When you partner with a professional employer organization (PEO), you’re essentially hiring “a Million Dollar Employee” without taking on the million-dollar salary. As a leading national HR outsourcing company and PEO, G&A Partners specializes in helping employers solve all their human resources, benefits and payroll problems by giving them access to a team of experts and certified professionals, all for about the same cost of hiring one full-time employee.

See how outsourcing HR with G&A Partners helped James, a small-business owner, minimize operational costs, increase employee productivity and more quickly grow his business in this short, two-minute video:


Whether you need turnkey, full-service HR support or just need help in a few key areas, G&A Partners provides the people, processes and technology you need to grow your business and take better care of your employees.

For more information about how outsourcing your HR with G&A Partners can help you enjoy a life free from the burdens of HR, benefits and payroll, please call us at 800-253-8562 or schedule a free business consultation today!

One response to “Who Is The Million Dollar Employee?”

  1. Charlotte Ingram says:

    We’re all Million Dollar Employers. Some of us are measured by different exchanges.

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