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Why You Should Invest In A Time And Attendance System

Business owners face many challenges throughout their careers, but all of them essentially boil down to the same struggle: seeking a way to make their processes and operations as efficient as possible with the least possible amount of overhead expenses. Often, it seems like there’s no way to have both low costs and high-quality results. To achieve and maintain this tenuous balancing act, there is often only one practical solution: automation. By investing in technology that streamlines and automates internal processes, businesses find that they can both reduce costs and realize greater operating efficiencies.

The same is true of human resources and labor management processes. Where once a business would have to dedicate time and resources to managing HR functions manually, technology applications, like time and attendance programs, have made effectively and efficiently managing a workforce a goal that any business, regardless of size, can achieve.

Why you should invest in a time and attendance system:

Don’t believe us? Here are three reasons why you should invest in an online time and attendance system today:

  • People- and paper-based time and attendance processes are incredibly fallible. Timecards can be easily altered, damaged or otherwise compromised, and the manual entry of employee hours is time-consuming and subject to human error. Automated processes, on the other hand, are much more reliable and efficient. Employees clock in and out simply by visiting a website via a computer, tablet or smartphone from a jobsite, or by clocking in at a physical time clock. The data is then integrated with the company’s payroll software to help eliminate human data entry errors from the equation and automate the process.
  • Time and attendance systems also enable managers and HR professionals to easily pull reports that identify potential problems and expensive oversights. For example, an hourly employee clocking in just ten minutes early every day could cost an employer thousands of dollars a year in extra pay. Another common time and attendance issue is overtime management. If an employer is not managing time and attendance properly, the overtime costs accrued by employees could be astronomical. To manage this issue, owners can set up alerts in their time and attendance software to e-mail them when an employee is approaching overtime so they can make the decision to either approve the hours or ask the employee to go home once they’ve reached their allotted hours for the week.
  • Another way time and attendance software can help companies is by managing day off requests. In a paper-based system, employers risk inaccurately calculating employees’ sick time, vacation or paid-time-off accruals, not correctly deducting leave, and paying employees for leave they didn’t earn. By implementing an electronic time and attendance system, managers can place the burden on employees to submit requests for sick, vacation and PTO leave, as well as accurately manage employees’ leave accruals.


The automation of time and attendance eliminates costly errors by creating a more efficient way to track employee attendance and reduce payroll costs. It also allows employees to be responsible for reporting their hours so business owners and HR managers don’t get bogged down with paper or manual time management. Let G&A Partners show you how you can both cut costs and more efficiently manage your workforce with our integrated time and labor management solutions – call 1-866-634-6713 or visit to speak with one of our HR technology experts.

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