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Employee Handbook Checklist

Is your employee handbook missing any key elements?

Learn how employee handbooks can protect both employers and their employees.

While employers are not necessarily required by law to have an employee handbook, many employers choose to have one anyways. Why? Because the policies contained in a handbook act as a company’s first line of defense against lawsuits or liability claims.

While a company’s policies are by no means a guarantee that a regulatory agency will never file suit against the company or that a disgruntled former employee will never file a wrongful termination claim, they do provide a layer of protection in the event that something does happen. When implemented and enforced effectively and consistently, the corporate policies contained in a company’s employee handbook help demonstrate that a company is operating ethically and proactively for the benefit and safety of its employees, its shareholders, and the public.

Employee Handbook Checklist

An HR outsourcing firm can help your company reduce its liabilities by providing expert HR compliance services.

Customized Employee Handbooks – Sound HR Policies & Procedures – Expert Guidance & Support

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