An HR software platform, customized to your needs.

The right human resource technology can help you manage employees more effectively while giving yourself and your team more time to focus on strategic initiatives. With G&A’s, customized and cost-effective, WorkSight HR management platform, you get an integrated, user-friendly platform that includes (but is not limited to):

  • Single sign-on (SSO) access to best-in-class software solutions
  • Easy-to-use employee and manager self-service features
  • The ability to set manager security access based on client preferences
  • HR payroll software with 24/7 access to reports with on-demand insight into workforce trends
  • Intuitive workflows for daily employment-related functions
  • The latest technology to ensure sensitive employee and business data is secure and protected

Partnering with G&A for Simplifies Onboarding and Offboarding

Ten years ago this small business COO was introduced to G&A Partners when he needed assistance in the HR and payroll side of their business. Today, the partnership has simplified his workload and created an easier process for the ever-changing circle of employment.

Recruiting & Onboarding Technology

Build your best team

With G&A’s applicant tracking system (ATS) and Onboarding application, you can efficiently and effectively build your best team by sourcing, tracking, and interacting with candidates throughout the hiring process.

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Timesheet & Payroll Automation

Track Time & Attendance

Time and Labor Management (TLM) provide you and your employees with a tool to better track hours—helping to save time, increase productivity, eliminate errors, and better manage work schedules.

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Learning, Development, & Evaluation

Customized Online Learning

G&A’s comprehensive, web-based online learning management system (LMS) can be scaled and adapted to meet your needs, and the easy-to-use system provides you with a cost-effective solution to growth.