Applicant Tracking System

Whether the labor market is limited, or you have applicants lined up at the door, a streamlined hiring process can help you find the right fit and save your company time and money along the way. G&A’s applicant tracking system (ATS) gives you the ability to efficiently and successfully build your best team by sourcing, tracking, and interacting with candidates throughout the hiring process. Whether you’re looking to hire one employee or staff an entire department, our ATS offers:

Sourcing Capabilities

  • Searchable resumé database
  • Ability to build an active talent pipeline
  • Easy posting to multiple job boards and social media

Operational Efficiency

  • Configurable workflows
  • Single system of record for candidate information
  • Streamline information for a more successful onboarding

Candidate Engagement

  • Real-time interview scheduling
  • Mobile engagement tools
  • Pre-screen and rate candidates

Automated Employee Onboarding

By the time a candidate accepts a job offer, you’ve already made a significant investment in the resources necessary to source, recruit, screen and interview applicants. Too often, however, less time and effort are invested in making sure your new employee feels welcome and engaged as they onboard and transition into their new role.

The electronic onboarding tool from G&A can help you make the most of your employee’s first days, with streamlined, digital onboarding paperwork and processes, all in one automated solution. And because G&A’s onboarding system can be integrated with our other technology solutions, your new team member can be on the clock and on the payroll with little to no additional effort. G&A’s onboarding system offers:


  • Document lifecycle tracking
  • Immediate notification for managers to approve documents
  • Increased visibility for employees to see and verify their information

Security & Compliance

  • SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant
  • E-Signature capability
  • E-Verify case creation

Adaptive Options

  • Configurable forms and workflows
  • Enter information once for auto population in duplicated fields
  • Access numerous employment forms and employee handbook policies

Online Benefits Enrollment

Online benefits enrollment technology from G&A gives you and your team a simple, convenient way to navigate the process of electing benefits coverage. The electronic input of elections allows for ample time to review benefit choices, check over elections, and, if necessary, make revisions, reducing the chance of mistakes. Once elections are entered, the information can be automatically fed to the benefit vendor for processing.

To further simplify the administrator’s role, customizable electronic reports can be accessed to check on your employees’ benefit status and track their elections. A fully automated online enrollment system can offer a wide range of options that can be tailored to fit all of your needs for open, new hire, life event and special (individual) enrollments.

Enrollment options include:

  • Administrator-only or employee self-service enrollments
  • Passive, semi-passive and active enrollments
  • Enrollment for only one benefit plan or for each benefit plan. offered to an employee
  • One-page or expanded content benefits information available to employees during enrollment (i.e. at the “point of purchase”)
  • Side-by-side plan comparisons that include “drill-down” information
  • Overage dependent notifications, status and change alerts, and reminders to complete enrollment
  • Employee communication tools such as web links, FAQs, glossary, online question submissions