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Why America’s Offices Are Going To The Dogs

As almost anyone in the more than 43,346,000 American households who own dogs will tell you, interacting with a dog can be a wonderful experience that instantly puts a smile on your face. In fact, it’s widely known that owning a dog can actually boost an individual’s health. Less known, however, are the benefits “man’s best friend” can have in the workplace. While many would think bringing a dog to the office would just be a distraction, the truth is that dog owners who are allowed to bring their furry friends to work with them report feeling less stressed, more connected to their coworkers and overall more satisfied with their job than those who have to leave their dogs at home every day. 

In honor of Take Your Dog To Work Day (Friday, June 26), we’ve compiled a few facts and figures to demonstrate the benefits of bringing dogs to the workplace, as well as a few tips for any companies thinking about making their offices pet friendly. 

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The Benefits Of Dogs In The Workplace

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