5 Tips to Improve Recruiting in Manufacturing Industry

An estimated 3.5 million new manufacturing jobs are expected by 2025, but currently, the industry is on track to only fill 1.5 million. That’s a concern for manufacturers who are already facing a labor shortage. The long-term outlook is bleak, too. By 2023, an estimated 2.6 million workers from the baby boomer generation are expected to retire, which will only add to the labor shortage.

Limited flexibility, less transparent career advancement opportunities, and a lack of curb appeal are all factors contributing to the industry’s labor shortage and recruiting challenges. But there are recruiting strategies manufacturing companies can utilize that will help improve their efforts.

G&A Partners’ Leigh Rozelle, senior recruiting specialist, offers these five tips for better recruiting in manufacturing.

Recruit early – in high school and trade schools.

As high school students near graduation, many are still exploring what they’ll do after they graduate. Manufacturing companies can connect with potential candidates by visiting high schools and sharing what their company has to offer and opportunities available post-graduation. Also, companies can recruit through local trade schools by offering apprenticeships.

Leverage unique advertising positions.

Casting a wide net when posting job listings can help manufacturers reach more candidates, which is important when an industry is facing a talent shortage. Consider posting to job boards that are specifically geared toward the manufacturing and industrial industries, in addition to popular or more traditional sites such as Indeed and Simply Hired. Some job boards to consider:

Get creative

Marketing manufacturing companies in creative ways can help attract candidates and showcase how your company stands out from others. It can also help manufacturers increase their curb appeal. For example, share meaningful stories from your employees about the work they do and the impact they have. If your facility offers ideal working conditions – bright, clean, and temperature controlled, for example – create a video or add photos to your website that showcases this to potential candidates.

Add flexibility

Manufacturers are competing against companies in other industries that are able to offer hybrid and remote work arrangements. While remote work may not be possible for manufacturing companies, getting creative and adding flexibility where possible can help attract talent. For example, consider offering a 4-day, 10-hour work schedule with three days off or a split schedule, where workers come in early, take a 2- or 3-hour break midday, and work later into the evening.

Offer incentives to current and retiring employees

The manufacturing workforce tends to stick together, so there’s a good chance your current employees may know someone who’s a potential candidate. Offering a paid referral program to current employees can help encourage them to refer potential candidates. For employees who are retiring, ask if they can provide referrals as well, then offer an incentive if they do.

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